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Restaurants in Bali

Austrian wiener schnitzel, Chinese favorites such as Hong Kong style dim sum, smoked duck from Szechuan or scallops in black bean sauce, German wurst or rindsrouladen, Greek souvlaki, Indian Tandoori chicken or rogan josh, Italian lasagne or pizza, Japanese sushi, yakitori or shabu-shabu, Korean bulgogi beef and kimchi, Mexican enchiladas or tacos, Spanish tapas or paella, Swiss cheese or beef fondue, and even spicy Thai tom yam - it's all in Bali. Centuries of contact with other civilizations have left their mark on the wonderfully varied cuisine of Indonesia, especially Bali. Although the preparation of dishes is often adapted to local tastes or due to the availability of certain ingredients, the results are not always predictable. But if you're not comparing it with the country of origin, you can usually expect an enjoyable meal.

You will see simple restaurants in Bali that display 10 to 15 different plates and bowls, all piled with cooked food in a glass compartment next to the entrance. This is called the nasi Padang from Sumatra. There are chicken, beef, fish, liver, eggs and a variety of vegetables prepared in the style of Padang, a major city in Sumatra. The waiter will bring you a plate of rice and one plate of every single dish there is to your table. You only eat whatever you prefer and leave the rest on the table. Charges will be made for only the amount taken. A meal like this will usually cost around US$ 2. Many of these nasi Padang restaurants can be found in South Bali and are open 24 hours a day.

Hotels and restaurants in Bali offer guests a great variety of excellent dishes to satisfy every taste and budget. Prices, service, style, presentation and decoration differ from the very basic to the elaborate and from extremely low-priced to quite expensive. There is a choice of having a tasty meal at one of the many warungs (mobile carts) for Rp. 4,000 or Rp. 5,000 or at one of the many five-star restaurants for US$ 150 or more per person.

Try not to miss the opportunity to watch a Balinese performance that is accompanied by a sumptuous buffet dinner, which will probably cost US$ 40 to US$50 per person. The main streets of Kuta, Legian, Ubud, Candidasa, Lovina, Sanur, Lombok, and most of the major tourist areas teem with good restaurants. Often topped with grass roofs and cane furniture, these simple and relaxed restaurants are everywhere.

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