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On the Road with Rupert
Part 2 : Rupert Still in Tioman?

After a couple of hours at the first coral site, we were taken to a beach nearby called Pasir Panjang. The sand there is whiter and more powdery than that at Tioman and several large lizards were basking in the sun, which had, by then, graced us with the full glory of his presence in the sky. I must admit that my attention wasn't on the lizards anyway.

When we were finally done at Pasir Panjang, we were brought to a Marine Park. I must say that it was a pathetic excuse for a Marine Park. There was a pier, a floating platform for people to rest on, and artificial corals, which looked suspiciously like stone garden furniture. I mean there were schools of fish and all that but I expected there to be more. I expected there to be so many fish that if I were to jump into the water, some of them would splash up with mouths opened in surprise. Nonetheless I saw a baby shark, which did somewhat make up for the rest of the disappointing lot. At least I think it was a baby shark; it looked like one as it darted past me.

By the time we got back it was close to four o'clock in the evening and I then spent the next few hours waiting for the sun to sink away again. I listened as the gentle sea breeze ran her fingers through the trees. She murmured gently in comforting tones and reassured me that the sun would rise again tomorrow. After awhile, I took out an inflated tube and floated away from the shore. Occasionally, I wondered how my rear end would look to the fish swimming below? Not a pretty sight I bet.

That night we had a barbecue on the beach and dined to the sounds of Brazilian music playing softly in the background. Denis, the French dive instructor based at the resort, was drawn to our little gathering by the sounds of Gilberto. After awhile a few of Rupert's friends left the soiree to walk along the beach. The night was primed for romance if you know what I mean. This was Corcovado - Quiet nights and quiet stars. One could almost imagine a goddess rising from the sea, molten silver running off her hair, and strolling onto the sand with a little Bossanova in her step.

I dreamt as I slept that night. I saw a Rupert who had given up the life in the city. I saw Rupert as a beach boy, walking around most of the time in nothing but a pair of bright orange beach shorts. I saw Rupert with a healthy tan and a semi-permanent smile on his face. I saw a Rupert who was at peace with himself and the world in general. And then I woke up and lost the dream as the first light crept over the hills behind us.

As we left the island on the same speedboat that had first brought us there, I lay on my back and let the dream run through my fingers like sand. We sped away from the shore leaving my magnificent sandcastle behind, knowing that the tide would take it away. I left knowing that the waves would wash away my footprints in the sand and all traces that I had ever been there. But I also left knowing that it won't be long before I return.

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