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Welcome to Selangor Hotel & Information

Selangor Introduction

All roads away from Kuala Lumpur lead to the state of Selangor, Malaysia's most populated and prosperous state. Selangor surrounds the burgeoning capital with green suburban arms and industrial tracks, but as the city is left behind, a different, older and more natural order quickly unfolds.

Any direction one takes in Selangor eventually leads to some sight that is deeply connected to Malaysia's development; a tin mine, an oil-palm or rubber plantation - for this reason, the state is often called "the heart of modern Malaysia."
Hotel Name Promotion Validity Price From
Concorde Shah Alam Star Rating 31-Mar-13 382  362 MYR
The Club at Saujana Star Rating 31-Dec-13 345  325 MYR
Pyramid Tower Hotel Sunway Star Rating 31-Mar-13 418  392 MYR
Sunway Resort HotelStar Rating 31-Mar-13 568  548 MYR


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