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Don't ever change your money in the street (or at the black market). The rates given might sound good but you never know when it's a rip-off or that you've been given fake money. The banks or licensed moneychangers are a safer bet.

When leaving the hotel always take matches or stationery with the hotel name and address you're staying. If you get lost or do not speak the language, just show the cab driver either one and there won't be any mistake as to where you are staying.

When packing cosmetics and other toiletries, forget the make-up case. Put them in a ziplock bag instead. It saves on space, weight, and protects your clothes from accidental spills.

If you take along an alarm clock and place it in your luggage bag, ensure that the batteries are removed. There have been many cases where the airport staff request people to open their bags as there is "something ticking" in their bags. The person in the line behind you will also appreciate it much better!

To get wet clothes dry overnight, hang them on a coat hanger and hang them in the bathroom - LEAVE THE LIGHT ON. In the morning they should be dry enough to wear.
Contributed by: Rachel Tan

When travelling in any tropical country, be sure to pack an effective antibiotic cream. The smallest scratch or insect bite can readily become infected. Try "Bactriban" or "Polysporin". This is especially true for children.
Contributed by: Reetadev.

On Bungy Jumping :Remember to tuck in your shirt tightly before the jump. It’s pretty embarrassing when your T-shirt flops over your head, exposing your stomach. Oops…
Contributed by: Edmund Tan

On Bungy Jumping :Try emptying your pockets of everything before taking the BIG leap off the platform. You wouldn’t want coins, keys and what naught bungy-jumping out of your pockets as well.
Contributed by: Dane D

In Thailand: Buddhist monks are forbidden to touch or be touched by a woman, or to accept anything from the hand of one. If a woman has to give anything to a monk, she first has to hand it to a man, who then presents it.
Contributed by: Reetadev

In case your cotton or light outfits get creased thanks to being in a bag for so long, hang them on a hanger and in the bathroom with the hot water running. The steam will get the creases out.
Contributed by: Rina Lim

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