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Popular Places
Beijing Sichuan Tibet
Chengdu l Emei Shan
Emei Shan

Southwest of the Sichuan basin, about 150 kilometers from Chengdu, the town of Emei is snuggled at the foot of the Emei Shan, one of China’s four sacred Buddhist mountains. It is about a three-hour bus ride from Chengdu while a three-day round trip should be sufficient for the serious pilgrim to make it to the top. Most visitors would not have as much time on their hands and would therefore prefer taking a minibus to Qingyin Pavilion from where a ten hour climb will take you to the 10,000 Buddha Summit. Alternatively one could opt for a minibus trip all the way to Jieyin Hall and then take a cable car ride to the top without breaking out a sweat.

The entire route from Qingyin Pavilion to the 10,000 Buddha Summit at the height of 3099 meters passes Wannian Temple, Xixiang Pond, Jieyin Hall and the Golden Summit. The return descent is pretty much the same except that it turns west to Xi’anfeng Temple after Xixiang Pond.

Baoguo Monastery, at the base of the mountain, was built in the 16th Century on a slope with four halls built on top of one another. There is also a library of sutras and a huge porcelain Buddha. Further up, in a forested part of the mountain, lies the Monastery of the Lurking Tiger (fuhu si) which is home to a 7 meter high engraved copper pagoda.

These two monasteries are among the twenty or so monasteries that can still be visited. Over 2000 years, approximately 150 monasteries were built in this area but most have fallen into disrepair and disuse while some have been completely destroyed.

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