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Popular Places
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Chongmyo Shrine

Chongmyo Shrine is a heavily wooded garden with buildings containing the royal ancestral tablets of the Choson Dynasty. On the first Sunday of May, the inner courtyards and shrines of Chongmyo are opened to the public for one of the most interesting ceremonies in Korea - the annual Confucian ceremonial rite. Chongmyo Shrine was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1995.

Namsan (Mountain) & Seoul Tower

Namsan, a granite mountain (256 m), is located in the heart of Seoul. It contains a variety of cultural and entertainment facilities, including an octagonal pavilion, the Seoul Tower (237 m) at the summit, a botanical garden, and statues of famous historical people. On the northern part of the mountain, one can find the Korean Film Production Board and the Drama Center. To the east lays the National Theater. Another Namsan attraction is found at the northern foot of the mountain. Opened in April 1998, The Village of Traditional Houses, is composed of 3 parts: Time Capsule Plaza, a traditional garden, and the village itself, which features five traditional Korean houses. The mountain's interior is joined together by three tunnels connecting the city's northern and southern districts. Cable car rides to the summit also provide a panoramic view of the entire capital and its surrounding countryside.

War Memorial

Opened in June 1994, the War Memorial offers visitors an educational experience of the many wars in which Korea was involved. Many documents and war memorabilia have been collected and displayed. These are excellent examples of Korea's 5,000-year history of resistance to numerous invasions, while still maintaining national self-esteem. The War Memorial has several display rooms and an outdoor exhibition center displaying military equipment.

Han-gang Riverside Park

The whole stretch of Han-gang riverbank (30km long) has been transformed into a series of green parks, providing Seoul residents with recreational and sports facilities. The park is also a popular playground for water sports lovers. Cruise boats plying between Youido and Chamsill can also provide visitors with a wonderful view of Seoul's modern skyline. The Korean Life insurance Building (KLI 63 Building) on Youido, with its 63 floors is on of Asia's tallest buildings. This asset has made it a popular tourist attraction. In addition to its panoramic view, visitors can enjoy its observation deck, its aquarium, which features a sea calf show, and its I-MAX theater.

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