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Haeundae Beach

One of the most popular places in Korea to spend a summer vacation, Haeundae Beach is 2km long with gentle curves, shallow water, perfect facilities, and convenient transportation. Many festivals are held each year at Haeundae Beach, including a Polar Bear Swim in January, a kite-flying contest on January 15th, and an iron-man contest in June.

Hallyosudo Waterway

The Hallyo Haesang National Park, better known as the Hallyosudo Waterway, stretches across 400 islands along the southern coast. It is a 93 mile-long waterway running form Hansando Island, south of Pusan, to Yosu in the west. This part of the sea, with islands scattered around, is sometimes mistaken for a lake. It is divided into 6 sections and has both stunning natural scenery and many sites of historical interest. It is here that Korea's famed Admiral Yi Sun-Shin used his kobukson (turtle ship), the world's fist ironclad naval vessel, to defeat the Japanese in the 16th century.

Yongdusan Park

Located in the heart of Pusan, Yongdusan Park provides a pleasant touch of greenery. It is also the site of Pusan Tower, whose observation deck presents a spectacular view over the city and on clear days, you can even see the coast of Japan. The Central shopping and entertainment districts of Kwangbok-dong and Namp'o-dong are situated just beside the park.

United Nations Memorial Cemetery

A somber yet beautiful place, it is the final resting-place for 2,293 foreign soldiers who were killed during the Korean conflict (1950-1953). It is also the only cemetery in the world managed by the United Nations.

T'aejongdae Park

T'aejongdae Park is on the tip of Yongdo Island, south of downtown Pusan. A very hilly area, it is heavily forested with rugged cliffs dropping straight down to the sea. Oryukdo Island, the symbol of Pusan, can be seen through the park. Leisure boats, a swimming pool, restaurants, and recreation facilities are also available.

Pomosa Temple

In 678A.D., Great Monk Uisang founded one of the five largest temples in Korea - the Pomosa Temple. There are many ancient relics in the temple. At the entrance is Ilchumun Gate, and it is said that as soon as you step into the gate, all the troubles in daily life will disappear.

T'ongdosa Temple

T'ongdosa (Pass into Enlightenment) Temple, is one of the three largest temples in Korea. Founded during the Shilla Kingdom, it houses some precious Buddhist relics and has a spectacular view. There is also an excellent collection of artwork on display in the temple's museum.

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