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Best of Macau
Craft l Interests l Temple Architecture
Temple Architecture

Chinese temples are typically constructed on the most sacred site as according to feng shui, a geometric system followed by most Chinese. In Macau, most temples are built facing the sea or a broad valley with its back to a hill, which is the home for potentially dangerous dragons.

In all temples, the roof is a dominant feature. It is usually either green or yellow in color, with rounded tiles that are steeply raked. The ridgepole is adorned with porcelain figures of divinities and fortuitous symbols, such as the dragon and carp. Eaves are profusely decorated with colorful wooden carvings or clay friezes. Stone lions often act as temple guardians at the front door.

Basically, all temples have a small courtyard with a large bowl for burning incense and paper offerings. Beyond the courtyard is the main hall with an altar table, which is commonly carved in an abstruse manner, for placing the Five Ritual Vessels (an incense burner, candlesticks, and a flower vase) and offerings of fruit and soft drinks. At the back is the altar with its images framed by red brocade embroidered with gold characters. A bigger temple may house extra side altars and adjoining rooms with shrines to different gods, chapels for prayers to the dead, and displays of funerary plaques, gongs, and drums. There are also living quarters for the temple keepers.

Macau's temples are separately managed and financed by contributors from the faithful.

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