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MAJOR EVENTS from June 2002

Labuan International Sea Challenge
25 June 2002 - 26 June 2002



Water-sport enthusiasts converge upon the beautiful island of Labuan, off the coast of the state of Sabah, to take part in three exciting competitions in the surrounding pristine waters. Participants from around the world compete keenly in the Underwater Treasure Hunt, Big Game Fishing Tournament and Jetsport Challenge. Held over ten sun-soaked days, the Labuan International Sea Challenge provides participants and spectators alike with fun and excitement, not to mention the attractive prizes.
Kotamas Flora Fest 2002
1 July 2002 - 30 July 2002

A time to revel in flower splendour! Catch the many and colourful floral- themed presentations and also the varied fun-filled events.

Genting World Lion Dance Championship
1 July 2002 - 30 July 2002

Genting-City of Entertainment hosted the Genting World Lion Dance Championship at the Arena of Stars. Audience will be treated to an extravagant performance of skills,spectacular acrobats and hearts-stopping stunts on stilts three meters high above the ground.

Food and Fruits Fiesta-nationwide
6 July 2002 - 4 August 2002
Food and Fruits Fiesta-nationwide Malaysian culinary fare is a delightful mix of flavours and sensations, reflecting the influences of the many races and ethnic groups in the country. Locals and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to food and fruits. During this fiesta, there is plenty of opportunity to try out the fabulous range of Asian and international cuisine, as well as sample a variety of fruits, from tropical to temperate. The launching will be held in Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur.
Merdeka Month Celebration
17 August 2002 - 16 September 2002

National Day or Merdeka Day falls on the 31st of August but is celebrated by Malaysians over a period of one month. A highlight of the celebration is the enthusiastic flying of the Malaysia flag everywhere – on vehicles, buildings and homes to demonstrate the spirit of patriotism of Malaysians to the country. Among the various activities organized include historical and patriotic exhibitions in shopping centers; cultural shows highlighting the diversity of the Malaysian people; parades involving various groups from schools, the government and business sectors, as well as voluntary organization.

Malacca Mountain Bike Championship 2002
13 July 2002 - 14 July 2002

See the true grit, sheer endorance and the competitive spirit prevail as bikers go through thier paces in this international sporting event.

Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival
01 Aug- 31Aug
01 Dec 02- 05 January 2003

Local and international emporiums, designer boutiques and stores all particiapte in the creation of a fantastic shopping extravaganza. Extraordinary discounts at retail outlets throughout the country offer bargains galore for both local and overseas shoppers. Highlights of the carnival include a Made in Malaysia Exhibition and Malaysian Fashion Week, where local designers, from the rapidly burgeoning fashion industry, display their latest creations. Many shopping malls also host midnight sales and specialist stores offer excellent promotions in gold, jewellery, watches and cameras.

Lantern & Moon Cake Festival – nationwide
21 September 2002

Also known as the Mid-Autumn festival, the Lantern and Moon Cake Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. It marks a successful rebellion against the Mongol rulers during the 14th century in China, during which the secret about a plot against the Mongols was hidden inside moon cakes and lanterns were used at night as signals from higher grounds and hilltops. These days,lantern competitions and processions are held and moon cakes of various flavours are eaten.

Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon
5 October 2002 - 6 October 2002

Mount Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia’s highest mountain, Mt Kinabalu, provides a challenging venue for this grueling international climbathon, considered one of the world’s toughest mountain races. The race, from the starting point to the summit and back, covers 21km. It starts at an altitude of 1,800m, ascends to the summit at 4,000m and return to base. The attractive prizes however, make the challenge a worthwhile one.

Langkawi International Festival of Arts (LFA)
5 October 2002 - 19 October 2002

Langkawi, the island of myths and legends, plays host during the International Cultural Month from 5 October to 3 November 2002. The beauty and variety of Malaysian art and culture are presented to local and visiting lovers of the arts in a ‘visitor-friendly’ fashion. Artists, sculptors, musicians, dancers and poets from Malaysia , Europe, the Americas and other parts of Asia converge upon this beautiful island to enthral everyone with their creativity and talent. Take time off to enjoy the scenic beauty of this tropical island paradise and to pick up some shopping bargains.

Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Sepang International Circuit

18 October 2002 - 20 October 2002

The Sepang International Circuit in Selangor, an increasingly popular venue for world class motor sport meets, plays host to this premier event in inter- national motorcycle racing. Fans will have the opportunity to watch the world’s top bikers and to cheer on their idols as they pit their riding skill on high powered machines.




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