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The Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

Situated on Pulau Dayang Bunting, south of Pulau Langkawi, is Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). It is believed that barren women who drink from the lake will be able to conceive. It is also said to be the inspiration behind the magical tale of "Puteri (Princess) Dayang Sari": Legend has it that the picturesque lake was the celestial Princess's and her entourage's favorite bathing spot. On one of their visits, they were spotted by a human prince, "Putera Teja", who of course fell desperately in love with the princess. Teja wooed her with poetry and songs of mythical legends but to no avail. The anguished prince then sought the advice of a wise man, who told him that the princess was under a spell. To break that spell, he had to obtain mermaid's tears. Undaunted, the prince laid in wait and by a stoke of luck, a group of mermaids ventured from the sea to cavort on the beach. The passion driven prince persuaded the mermaids to play with a golden ball. So engrossed were they in their game that the forgot the time and the fast receding tide. Later, angered and ashamed by their own folly, they wept. Gleefully, the prince collected their tears in a golden bowl. With the spell broken, the prince won the princess' heart and they were soon wedded. However, because of the prince's unscrupulous methods, their first child died shortly after birth. By then, the princess had realized the consequences of her husband's actions. The much agitated princess returned to the heavens leaving the baby in her much beloved lake. Before leaving, however, the princess blessed the waters with the power of fertility. Henceforth, childless couples would be rewarded if they drank from or bathed in the lake.

An alternative story is the tragedy of the beautiful court maiden, "Telani", her warrior prince suitor, "Telanai", and their forbidden love affair. Telani was banished to the deserted island of Dayang Bunting, where she gave birth to a son. Longing to see his son, Telanai sailed towards the island but wrathful gods sent a huge clap of thunder crashing down to earth. This startled the sleeping baby who fell into the water. Telani's efforts to save her child were in vain, and as the heartbroken mother wept, an ethereal of mist shrouded the lake. When it finally cleared, a rock stood on the spot where Telani had been. Telanai had also been transformed into an island, separated by a narrow strip of water from his beloved. In between the two, a white crocodile now swims. Locals have deemed it the reincarnation of the couple's lost child. Whatever the myth or legend, couples today continue to visit the lake to send flower petals skimming over the water surface, in appreciation of the lake's magical powers.

Pulau Payar

The Payar group of islands lies approximately 16 nautical miles south of Langkawi and 15 nauticla miles west of Kuala Kedah located at the mainland. The islands comprises of Pulau Payar, Pulau Kaca, Pulau Lembu and Pulau Segantang which are all gazetted marine park.

Located at the opening of the Straits of Malacca towards the Andaman sea, the visibility of the waters are exceptionally clear thus making it one of the premier dives and snorkelling sites in Peninsula Malaysia.

Visitors to the island will definitely marvel at the diversity of the marine life here and also the enchanting coral reefs. Just go for a swim, snorkel and dive or simply lie back and relax on the sandy beach. There are two hiking trails in Pulau Payar where one can explore its fascinating terrestrial flora and fauna.

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