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Dutch Fort (Kota Belanda)

Long before British rule, the Dutch had built this fort that still stands at Kampung Gedung. This 300-year-old fort was built to store tin from the state. It was also one of the Dutch strongholds against pirates and local Malays. The fort was abandoned after it was ferociously attacked by a local warrior, Panglima Kulub, and his followers. A short distance from the fort is Batu Bersurat (Sacred Rock). On this massive rock, drawings of a tiger mauling what is believed to be a child can be found. Local history has it that the boy was the son of a Dutch dignitary who disappeared and was believed to be attacked by a tiger.

Pantai Puteri Dewi & Pasir Bogak

Pantai Puteri Dewi (appropriately dubbed Golden Sands) is a much frequented beach, which offers a stretch of fine white sandy beach. A major resort hotel along its curving bay offers first class accommodation and a host of sea-sports facilities. Pasir Bogak is perhaps the most popular spot on the island. This 2km crescent shaped beach has been described as the biggest swimming pool in the world. Here, the shallow crystal clear waters enable you to frolic in the water along the vast coral reef.

Fu Ling Kung Temple

One of the must see destination by the locals is the “Fu Ling Kung” temple dedicated to one of the eight immotals of the taoist faith - Li T’ieh-Kuai . The temple is situated on the side of the hill just off the main road in Sungai Pinang Besar. One will find a minature “ great wall of china ” at the back of the temple and ponds fill with carps, tilapias and giant arapaima from the amazon at the side and also cages of other wildlife.

Sungai Pinang Kechil

A continuous village strip with a lot to look at: especially the colourful fishing boat unloading their catch of the day, fish being dried or frozen, “satay fish factory” and a colourful South Indian Hindu Temple.

Lumut…On the Mainland

Situated about 84km south of Ipoh, the capital city of Perak, Lumut is well-known for its beautiful shell and coral handicraft. This quaint town boasts of a peculiar atmosphere even to many Malaysians who visit for the first time. Lumut seems contented with its own leisurely pace of progress. Old, elegant buildings still house some of the town's administrative offices. Mainly a fishing village, it is the departure point from the mainland for those who wish to visit Pangkor Island.

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