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Endau Rompin l Kinabalu l Sarawak Parks l Taman Negara



The magnificent river of Endau-Rompin forms a backbone of the park and provides for some of the most spectacular views that you will come across. From foaming white water rushing over mighty boulders to gently meandering rivers and crystal clear pools of still water, the many waterways of Endau-Rompin abound with sights and sounds that are awe-inspiring. Some of the most breathtaking waterfalls are found along each of the three main rivers of Endau-Rompin, in addition to the many smaller cascades that dot the landscape.

Upih Guling Falls :
Upih Guling derives its name from an Orang Asli legend. Upih, an Orang Asli, was about to go for a cockfight. As he was about to cross the river at one end of the waterfall, he saw his fiancée. He slipped upon turning and fell, or "guling" (roll in Malay Language), down the cascading slope and died at the foot of the falls.

Buaya Sangkut Falls :
The journey uphill to Buaya Sangkut takes two hours of trekking. The stretch is frequented by wild animals such as tigers, mouse-deer, and baboons, which congregate by the river to drink. Be careful when you reach the fan palm area as tigers like to rest under the large leaves. Buaya Sangkut is as mysterious as its name. Based on Orang Asli legend, a mother gave birth to a girl but was haunted by a dream that a crocodile was coming to kill her daughter. They moved uphill to the present site but the crocodile managed to follow them. Her husband called a python to kill the crocodile. Both were killed in the fight. Her husband lynched the crocodile's skin and hung it on a wall but it fell on their daughter and killed her. When the water level is low, it is said that you can see a crocodile shaped stone at the foot of the waterfall, which is supposedly the crocodile from the legend. After a long and tiresome trek, one can heave a sigh of relief upon hearing the thunderous roar of the 40m high waterfall. One can take in the breathtaking sight of the calm, tranquil lake and fascinating rock formations.

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