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Endau Rompin l Kinabalu l Sarawak Parks l Taman Negara

Taman Negara

Orang Asli Settlements

One such settlement is Kampong Young where visitors can get better insight of Malaysia's friendly aboriginal people, the "Batek", who are a shy yet gentle race. Although fully aware of the country's fast paced developments, they continue to hunt and survive in the wilds.

Bird Watching

Bird watchers, prepare to feast your eyes! With over 350 species of birds, which include Kingfishers, Pheasarits, Drongos, Malkohas, Blue-throated bee-eaters, Broadbills, and the exotic Malayan Pied Hornbill, the park is naturally a bird watcher's haven. Commonly seen are hornbills. Fireback pheasants may be spotted along jungle trails while fishing eagles and kingfishers usually feed along the riverbanks. Sungai Tahan remains a favorite habitat of the masked finfoot. The keen bird watcher will surely not leave the park without spotting a few of these reputed species.

Cave Exploration

Cave exploring, also known as " spelunking", is definitely worth a try when you visit the park. Encounter spectacular rock formations and a great variety of life within the mystifying interiors of the numerous caves hare. Among the more popular caves are Gua Kepayang, Gua Daun Menari (Dancing Leaf Cave), and Gua Telinga (Ear Cave). Gua Telinga, being the most famous of them is carved through a limestone outcrop by a stream, which runs through the cave. Ancient drawings on the wall of the cave speak of a mysterious past. You will also find giant toads and bat-eating snakes who have lived in Malaysia's jungle since prehistoric times.

White Water Rafting

Challenging the rapids is a must for thrill-seekers! Travel upstream from Kuala Tahan on Sungai Tembeling and experience 45 minutes of sheer thrill and excitement as you and your boat-mates negotiate seven sets of swirling rapids. Hang on tight to your seat and be prepared to get drenched for this 9.1km ride of your life!

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