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Wat Phothivihan

In the outskirts of Kota Bharu, there is a number of Buddhist "Wats" (temples), which are reminders of the ancient Thai influence in the state. Wat Phothivihan is one fine example. Claimed to be one of the largest and most famous temples in Southeast Asia, Wat Phothivihan is situated in Kampung Jambu. The temple houses a 40m long, 11m high reclining Buddha statue. Built in 1973, it is believed to be the largest statue in the world.

Wat Uttamaram

This temple is one of the oldest and prettiest Thai temples in Kelantan. It is colorful, has fanciful flame-like upturned roof ridges, and an orange and green multi-tiered roof. Large dragons entwine the verandah columns. This wat is definitely a magnificent piece of building that is worth a visit.


By far the most popular waterfall, Jeram Pasu is situated at Kampung Pak Amat and is accessible by car. A dip in the crystal clear icy water does wonders for the spirit. Another local favorite is Jeram Lenang. Although only 12m high, it can still draw quite a large crowd. The jewel of the crown, however, is Lata Beringin. At 120m, it is the highest waterfall in the country. At the base of the waterfall, one can dip into the pool, which has proven to be very rejuvenating. The awesome view and lush surroundings make this a favourite camping site. Other falls include Jeram Tapeh and Cherang Tuli.

Gua Musang

Gua Musang was actually named after the caves in the limestone outcrop that towers above the train station. "Musang" is a native civet cat that looks like a combination of a large cat and a possum, with long fur and a tail. Unfortunately, past hunters have killed most of these cave dwellers. It is possible to explore the caves, but a guide is recommended as the caves are very steep and the climb can be dangerous.


Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) was once known as the "Beach of Passionate Love". The name was then changed to the current name, which means the "Moonlight Beach". Located about 10km from Kota Bharu, its warm golden sands and crystal blue waters amidst tall and graceful palms encourages one to just lay on the sand and bask in the sun. It is a good place to visit on a sunny day. Another option is Pantai Dasar Sabak. This is one beach with a strong history. On December 7, 1941, the Pacific Theatre of WWII commenced on the beach and Japanese troops stormed ashore, a full half-hour before Japan conquered Pearl Harbor. Today, the beach is a quaint fishing village where the traditional way of life still goes on.

Located about 25km from Kota Bharu, Pantai Irama (Beach of melody) is believed by some to be the most beautiful beach along the entire east coast. It offers white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that make it an ideal place for camping, picnicking, or swimming. At Pantai Bisikan Bayu (Beach of the Whispering Breeze), the crystal clear waters look cool and inviting! The beach offers a range of water sports, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and not forgetting swimming. Fish lovers can also try their hand at angling. For those who are not water lovers, the beach offers rest areas with shades. They also make wonderful picnic spots. Also known as "Pantai Dalam Rhu", this beach is located approximately 50km away from Kota Bharu. Other beaches include Pantai Seri Tujuh (Beach of Seven Lagoons) and Pantai Kuda (Horse Beach).

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