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Negeri Sembilan

Seri Menanti - The Royal Town

Seri Menanti, the royal town of Negeri Sembilan, lies snugly between two hills named Bukit Tempurung. Fed by the Seri Menanti River, which flows through the two hills, Seri Menanti derived its name from an incident that happened during an expedition for a new settlement led by a chieftain named Datuk Putih. While following a legendary dragon trail, which was reputed to lead to good fortune, he came across three unusual looking bunches of padi (rice), which seemed to be 'waiting'. As such, he named the place Padi Menanti (literally 'Waiting Padi'). Datuk Putih's successor later changed the settlement's name by adding his wife's name 'Seri'. Thus the name, Seri Menanti. History has it that in 1773, Raja Melawar, a Minangkabau Prince from Pagar Ruyung in Sumatra, was proclaimed as the first ruler of NS. Fascinated by the undulating land and hills, he declared Seri Menanti as the Royal Town. Today, some sixty traditional villages of various sizes are scattered around the area supporting a population of approximately 5,474.

Sri Menanti Palace / Royal Museum

The Old Palace of Seri Menanti was built in 1902 to replace the original palace, which was razed in 1875 by British soldiers during the Sungai Ujong war. This was the official residence of the royal family until 1931 when it was found to be inadequate for the growing functions of the state. It now houses the Royal Museum. Designed and built by two local craftsmen and carpenters, "Tukang Kahar" and "Tukang Taib", the wooden palace or "Istana Lama" (old palace) was built without the use of a single nail or screw, and was completed in 1908. The palace, which features 99 magnificent pillars to denote the 99 warriors of various clans, is often the subject of study and research among students of the architectural field.

Ulu Bendol Recreational Park

What strikes a traveler in the hinterland of NS is the lush greenery and verdant forests set amidst spectacular valleys and mountains. For the hardened eco-tourist, the fascinating forestlands of NS offer spectacular scenarios and bubbly waterfalls with pristine, crystal clear waters. There are altogether six recreational parks in the state promoting eco-tourism; the most prominent of which is the Ulu Bendol Recreational Park. Located about 16km from Seremban on the Kuala Pilah-Seri Menanti route, Ulu Bendol is also the site for Mount Angsi, the highest peak in the state. The refreshing stream that meanders through the park is ideal for a dip. Picnic lovers should find this place inviting because of its shady and leafy surroundings. For the more adventurous, there are jungle trekking trails. This is also designated as the site for the Orienteering and Mount Angsi Expedition, which will take place in August 1999.

Off Road Driving

There are numerous off-road 4WD trails, especially in the forested Jelebu district. An outstanding off-road trail is located at Talang Dam in Kuala Pilah. The Talang Negeri Sembilan 4WD Adventure will be held in May 1999. More on Off Road Driving

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