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River Safari

Skrang River Safari : Skrang is about 232km from Kuching. It is an exciting destination for visitors who wish to see and experience life in a longhouse, once the homes of notorious pirates and head hunters. Visitors would be able to experience the traditions and customs of the Dayak Ibans by spending a night in a longhouse. Traditional dances and music are the highlights of the evening entertainment. During this evening entertainment, you will be served with "tuak", a specially brewed rice wine. The journey into Skrang takes about 5 hours by road, followed by 1 1/2 hour of motor-propelled longboat journey along the Skrang River.

Lemanak river Safari : Lemanak is a tributary of the main Batang Lupar River. Being 220km from Kuching, it can be reached by a 5 hour road journey. The journey passes through scenic countryside, rubber and pepper plantations, padi fields, and sago palms. This is followed by a an hour of a motorized longboat ride penetrating the tropical rainforest through meandering streams. An overnight stay here, like that of the Skrang River Safari, gives you a glimpse of life in a longhouse and its people. Cockfighting and jungle trekking are among the highlights of this trip.

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Unlike in a zoo, the Orang Utan (wild man of Borneo) at Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre are set free in a 740 hectare forest reserve. Here, the Orang Utans and other native animals are nurtured to readapt themselves to the jungle life and to once again live in the wild. A half-hour leisurely stroll on the specially built plank-walks from the entrance of the Rehabilitation Centre gives you a golden opportunity to observe these orang utans, as well as view various species of trees and tropical fruit trees from the rainforest. It is sheer delight to watch these charming and entertaining Orang Utans during feeding time as well as their childlike antics.

Sarawak Cultural Village

On a 17 acre site at the foothill of Mount Santubong, fronting the South China Sea is the Sarawak Cultural Village, which exudes the typical warmth and hospitality of the state. Here, you have the opportunity to share the arts and crafts, games, food, and music of the seven major cultures of Sarawak. At a modern theater, the visitor can see performances of multicultural dances and lots of bamboo (bamboo musical instruments, bamboo carvings and even a bamboo bridge). You are taken into the world of "longhouses", drums, and gongs. You are taught to use the blowpipe (the weapon of the jungle nomads) and you get the opportunity to see the women work on their intricate beadwork.

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