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Chinese Food

Chinese food in Singapore can range from the subtle Cantonese to the fiery Szechuan cuisine. Rise is the staple in most Chinese cuisine. However, noodles made from several types of flour and cooked in a variety of styles are also popular. A Chinese meal will usually consist of rice accompanied by small portions of several types of meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. There are over 80 different styles of cooking, although most would refer to them in terms of four to five main regions of China.


Known for its creativity, subtle flavors, and lightness of touch, Cantonese food is the most popular Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Popular Cantonese dishes include Shark's Fin Soup, Crispy Deep-Fried Chicken, Spring Rolls, Won Ton Soup, and Roast Suckling Pig. The most delicious of all dishes, however, is perhaps Dim Sum, which consists of steamed or fried buns, dumplings and pastries stuffed with meat, prawns, sweet sauces or herbs.


One of Singapore's favorite dishes is the Fried Hokkien Mee. It is a rich mixture of wheat flour noodles, which is often combined with rice vermicelli. This mixture of noodles is fried with heaps of garlic, prawns, pork, sliced squid, beansprouts, eggs, and Chinese chives, doused with rich pork stock. It is then served with thick chili paste and a tiny lime. Another Hokkien favorite is the Popiah. These are rolled crepes, which are filled with shredded Chinese turnips, bamboo shoots, beansprouts, prawns, eggs, and Chinese sausage. They are then seasoned with garlic, chili paste, and sweet bean sauce.


Teochew cooking can be seen in its widespread use of gentle roasting and steaming, with only a touch of animal fat and seasonings. A major part of Teochew cooking is the crystal clear soups, which is achieved by a very low simmer, thus giving them a clean, light taste. Classic dishes include Steamed Fish and Braised Goose or Duck.

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