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Best of Thailand
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Thai fruits, which include mangoes, mangosteens, durians, pineapples, papayas, watermelons, longans, lychees, pomegranates, and jackfruits, are available all year round.


Full of goodness and rich in vitamins A and C, Thai mangoes come in many different forms. The most famous of which are the ivory mangoes whose flesh is sweet, succulent, and smooth. Mangoes are best eaten fresh or chilled as a dessert. Alternatively one can make mango puddings, which are a true delight!


Covered by red filaments/hair, this tropical fruit contains a sweet, juicy, white translucent flesh with a seed in the center. Available between May and September, it is an especially refreshing treat!


The jackfruit, which is rich in vitamins is among the larger fruits cultivated in Thailand. The orange golden flesh around the seed is succulent and has a distinctive taste.


Mangosteens with its thick violet outer shell has a surprisingly soft and tasty inner flesh that is both sweet and juicy. But do beware of juices staining your clothes when eating for they are not wash- proof!


With its pungent smell and thorny husk it is no wonder that the durian is hailed as the king of fruits. Despite its unforgiving appearance and smell, this fruit has a distinct taste that has to be acquired. Once acquired, you will be hooked to it for life!


The biggest of all citrus fruits, the pomelo is divided into 10 to 15 segments of juice-filled sac. It is usually sweet and juicy.

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