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Best of Australia
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For centuries people from diverse social standards have been captivated by the classic and emotional performing art, opera. Australia was never left behind when it comes to art. The Sydney Opera House was already proposed in 1947 and the official design and architecture was submitted in 1957. This revolutionary architecture took 14 years to complete and in 1973, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Sydney Opera House. The Opera House has been used to perform thousands of operas over the years.

For beginners, opera is a form of classic stage performance of passionate singing and acting of a story. Most operas run between 2 to 3 hours with at least one intermission. However, some operas might run for as long as 5 hours such as the classic Lohengrin. Operas can be performed in many languages such as German, Spanish, Russian, and English. These days, however, many operas are already translated to or written in English.

Some basic opera etiquette including dress code and when to clap during the performance are important knowledge to those planning to go for their first opera. Patrons can dress in whatever they are comfortable with. However, most people prefer to dress formally as they consider this occasion traditional and a classic. As to when to clap, a general guideline would be to observe the conductor and wait for him to put down the baton before applauding.

Formed in 1956, Opera Australia presents this most passionate and exhilarating form of art at a supreme standard. Since its origin, Opera Australia has worked to attain international status. Today, they rank as the third busiest opera in the world. Comprised of many distinguished composers, they have been able to craft their own distinctive Australian accent of artistry and passion into their performances.

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