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Best of Korea
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Archery has been regarded as an important martial art since ancient times, and has been handed down as a noble sport. It is regarded as an important skill and many Koreans have performed exceptionally well at international competitions.

Nolttwigi (Korean seesaw)

A traditional folk game for women, Nolttwigi is like a western seesaw. A long piece of board is placed with its center supported by rigid piles of straw. It requires two people taking turns to jump on their end of the board to play it. It is especially enjoyed on traditional holidays such as Lunar New Year, Chusok, and Tano.

Kunettwigi (Korean swing)

Kunettwigi is a common folk game enjoyed nationwide by anyone, regardless of age. Kune (a Korean swing) is made by tying two ropes connected with a stepping board to a big tree branch or a long log placed across two poles. The swing is capable of swinging very high.

Yutnori (Four-stick game)

One of the numerous folk games played in January of the lunar calendar, Yutnori is unique and native to Korea. The word yutnori is a combination of two words: Yut is one of the play terms in this game that means four (to, ke, kol, yut, and mo); nori, on the other hand, means playing a game.

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