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Restoran Rasa Utara
The "Balai Besar" (Grand Pavilion) built in 1892, was used as a place of reception for royal wedding and other traditional royal ceremonies buy the Sultans of Kedah, The heritage of gentle care, courteous and efficient service on these occasions has been emulated by Rasa Utara restaurants and has now become our hallmark of distinction.

As you step into the restaurant, you will be welcomed by a warmth that has not cooled since 1892 and the smiles of the waitresses are still just as radiant and fresh.

Rasa Utara (literally translated as the Taste of the North) offers you the great taste of Kedah besides authentic Malay culinary creations from all the other states in Malaysia.

In June 1986, Restoran Rasa Utara started its first operations at the Bukit Bintang Plaza and has not looked back since. Today, there are 6 Rasa Utara outlets in Kuala Lumpur and the management has plans to increase the number. Last year in April, Rasa Utara entered into a business tie up with Satay Anika Sdn Bhd to promote satay in a big way, in line with our Prime Minister's vision to globalise the satay franchise. Rasa Utara's catering division has also carved a name for itself in recent years having catered for royalties, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, government officials and the public at large on countless occasions for all sorts of functions, big or small. This is where one can see Rasa Utara's cutting edge in culinary diversities through our team of talented, skillful and experienced chefs. Whilst Rasa Utara is renowned for its traditional Malay cuisines, we also specialise in Indian , Chinese, Western, Thai and International cuisines.

Success is the great vindicator and it is not hard to find the formula for the success of Rasa Utara.



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