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Restaurants in Selangor

Chinese Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Kam Lun Tai Restaurant 6167669 Selayang Mall
Loong Foong Restaurant 7038722 SS25/23 PJ
Meisan Szechuan Restaurant 5503696 Holiday Inn Shah Alam
Metro Court 8375555 Wisma Metro
Restaurant Chan Kee 7193304 Jln. SS21/62 PJ
Restaurant Cheow Yang 7764614 SS2/10 PJ
Swan Square Restaurant 7773925 Jln. 21/19 PJ
Toh Yuen Restaurant 7559122 PJ Hilton PJ

French Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
L'Elegance 7338788 Holiday Villa PJ

Indian Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
D'Tandoor Restaurant 7170388 Jln. SS21/60 PJ
Gem Restaurant 7934345 Jalan Gasing
Taj Tandoor Restaurant 7569240 Jln. 14/22 PJ
Tandoori Garden 7167307 Jln. SS21/37 PJ

Indonesian Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Ramayana Indonesia Rest. 7372449 Jln. PJS 11/28B PJ

Italian Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
La Capana Restaurant 7168060 Jln. SS22/24 PJ
La Fontana Restaurant 7768133 Jln. SS2/24 PJ
Prego 7326326 Jln. SS15/4

Japanese Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Genji Restaurant 7559122 PJ Hilton
Kikuya Japanese Restaurant 7555582 Jln. 8/1E PJ
Seki Tei 7338788 Holiday Villa PJ

North Indian Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
D'Tandoor Indian Cuisine 2829262 Jln. SS21/60 PJ

Nyonya Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Kelana Mutiara 7033339 Jln. Perbandaran
Nyonya Restaurant 7759709 Jln. SS2/24 PJ

Pakistani Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Khyber Restaurant 3329576 Persiaran Raja Muda Musa Klang
Pakeeza Restaurant 7565754 The Right Angle
Shezan Restaurant 7335753 Jln. SS15/5A PJ

Seafood Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Airport Seafood Restaurant 7461381 Subang Int. Airport
Eden Airport Restaurant 7463497 Kompleks Airtel
Fatty Crab Restaurant 7045758 Jln. SS24/13 PJ
Hong Ping Seafood Rest. 7341922 Subang Parade
Kelana Seafood Centre 7038118 Kelana Jaya
Lake View Floating Rest. 5505995 Tasik Shah Alam
Restaurant Mei Hin 7461468 Jln. 2A Shah Alam
South Sea Seafood 7461401 Jln. Dua Shah Alam
Terminal 2 Kampungku 7462899 Subang Airport
The Fish Shop 4703170 Dataran Palma

Restaurants Phone Location
Chicago Restaurant 7730377 Jln. SS2/67 PJ
Indiana Spur Steak House 7544042 Wisma Thriffy PJ
Uncle Chili's Fun Pub 7559122 PJ Hilton

Thai Cuisine
Restaurants Phone Location
Restaurant Thai Base 7768587 Jln. SS2/10 PJ
Serai Restaurant Thai 5505729 Jln. 3/13A Shah Alam

Cafes & Restaurants
Cafes & RestaurantsIntroduce your cafes / restaurants to the world by signing up with For more information, send us your particulars now!


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