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Events & Festivals 2000
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Labor Day
(May 1)

(Nationwide Public Holiday)
This is the day when all workers of a nation are recognized and appreciated for their efforts.

Wesak Day
(May 2)

(Nationwide Public Holiday)
This is the most important day in the Buddhist calendar as it commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the lord Buddha. Celebrations begin before dawn when devotees gather in temples. It is a time for prayers, offerings, meditations, and the giving of alms to monks. A significant act during this festival is the releasing of doves and tortoises at the temples.

Labuan Sea Challenge
(May 1 - May 6)

Those who loved the underwater world will enjoy the Labuan Sea Challenge. This is an exciting event held over a 10-day period. There’s an Underwater Treasure Hunt, Labuan International Big Game Fishing Tournament and the Labuan Jet Sport Challenge.

Harvest Festival
(May 26- June 2)

(Public Holiday in Labuan & Sabah)
Also known as the Kaamantan Festival, the harvest festival marks the best time to visit the state of Sabah and is mainly celebrated by the Dusun and Kadazan tribes. It is a day of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest of the season and signifies the beginning of the planting season. According to legend, a couple had sacrificed their daughter to help feed their community when food was scarce. The daughter was buried and after a few seasons, one half of her remains turned into padi stalks while the other half bore several types of edible plants. Apart from the spiritual aspect, the harvest festival is also a time for fun and merry making. This month-long fun and feasting is also supplemented with exhibitions, agricultural shows, buffalo races, cultural performances and traditional games.

Colours of Malaysia 2007
(May 26 )

It is a month-long celebration of culture, arts and traditions involving the multi-racial and multi-ethnic communities in Malaysia. There will be a spectacular parade bearing the theme “Citrawarna Malaysia” or “Colours of Malaysia” in Kuala Lumpur.

Johor International Orchid Show
(May 25- May27)

A floral heaven for orchid lovers! View thousands of orchids and hybrids in all kinds of settings. The festival wil showcase various exotic types of orchids from around the world.

Sabah Kaamtan Festival
(May 30 - May 31)

On this day, the indigenous Kadazan-Dusun of Sabah offers thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. It is a day of ancient traditions, rites and customs. A cleansing and blessing ritual performed by the Bobohizan (high priestess) called the “Magavau” is a captivating ritual. Other highlights include a cultural dance and a beauty pageant.

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