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Island Back

Lu Tao (Green Island)

Lu Tao was once known as Fire Island when beacons were burned to prevent fishing vessels from wrecking its coral shores. Located about 30km due east of Taitung, this 16 sq. km island had only adopted its new name in 1949. Once an isolated island, it had only recently been developed for the tourism industry. The water and reefs around Lu Tao are excellent for swimming, scuba diving, fishing, and shell collecting. Glass-bottom boats are also available for views of coral reefs and the colorful underwater life. For those who do not fancy the water, there is a 17-kilometer-long road that circles around the rim of the island. Trails leading into the hills are also accessible for day-hikes. The entire coastline is unique with its ever-changing profile.

The Kuanyin Cave is located at the northeast corner of Lu Tao. According to legend, an old fisherman had lost his way at sea in a terrible storm. A fireball suddenly appeared in the sky, guiding him safely back to shore. There, he found safety in this cave, as well as a stone that resembled Kuanyin, goddess of mercy. Taking this as a divine sign, he gave thanks for his safe return. Since then, the cave has been sacred to island inhabitants.

Lu Tao is accessible by air through regular flights from Taitung. On top of that, three ferries service the island on infrequent schedules from Taitung. A cozy hostel is available at the southern tip of the island for those who wish to stay over.


Penghu (Pescadores Islands) is situated between Taiwan and the mainland. This 64-island archipelago, covering only 130sq. km of land is rich is history. Penghu was the mainstage of almost every army that has attacked Taiwan. The Mongul Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Dutch, Koxinga, Manchu Qing Dynasty, and the Japanese all had influence in Penghu en route to Taiwan.

Now, Penghu forms Taiwan's only island-country. Half of the island's population lives in Makung on the main island of Penghu. The fishing industry is a source of income while the agriculture yields are for making potent Kaoliang liquor. Makung has numerous attraction sites, namely the old town wall and its gates, some old temples, the Four-Eyed Well, the Crossing Sea Bridge, which is the longest bridge between two islands in Asia, Hsitai Fort, Lin Tou Park Beach, Shihli Beach, and the Isle of the Seven Beauties.

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