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Special Interests

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Mountain Climbing

As you may notice, Taiwan is mainly covered with lush evergreen mountains that provide great pleasures to lovers of mountain climbing. Two ideal climbs are the peak of Yu Shan (Jade Mountain), which is the highest in Taiwan at 3,952m (12,966ft) and the Snow Mountain, Taiwan's second highest at 3,884m (12,743ft).

For a less appalling climb, Taiwan also offers its beautiful scenic mountains located between Taipei and the northern coastline. The popular one is the Seven Stars Mountain, which is the tallest of the northern peaks at 3,675ft. Prior arrangement is not necessary to climb these mountains.

For arrangements to climb the two highest peaks, contact :

Alpine Association
10 Fl., 185 Chungshan N. Rd., Sec 2. Taipei
Tel: (02) 594 2108 Fax: (02) 593 5662


Skiing is available during the months of January and February when enough snow falls on the slopes of Hohuan (Harmonious Happiness Mountains). Hotels, ski facilities, and proper transportation are available up on Hohuan Mountain.

To make bookings, contact :

Chinese Taipei Ski Association, ROC Ski Association
Rm 606, 20 Chunlun St., Taipei.
Tel: (02) 771 2374 Fax: (02) 775 3311

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