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Nakhon Si Thammarat

Other Wats

Wat Sema Muang - It was here that a stone inscription was found which recounts the origin of the traditional Thai greeting, 'Sawasdee'. The stone is now kept in Bangkok's National Museum.

Wat Wang Tawan Tok - This temple is noteworthy for a traditional southern Thai-style house within the complex. Construction of the house commenced in 1888. The structure took 13 years to complete. The building was constructed entirely without nails and is notable for elaborately carved doors, windows and gables.

Wat Chaeng - this temple was built during the 1780s. 'Keng Jeen', a small Chinese-style building, is decorated with wood imported from China. The ashes of a Nakhon Si Thammarat ruler and his wife are contained in two small pagodas within this building.

Wat Pradu - this temple contains the ashes of King Taksin the Great (1767 - 1782) and was built some 200 years ago. The shape of the chapel resembles a beat and there is a large lotus flower carved into a gable of the chapel.

City Wall & Northern Gate

Originally measuring some 400 x 2,200 meters, the ancient city walls, and northern gate, have been restored several times between the 1300s and 1990s.

Khanom Beach

Located some 100km north of the provincial capital, in Khanom district, this tranquil area is the focal point of a sandy beach area that includes the equally scenic Nai Pihlao Beach.

Kiriwong Village

Some 23km from the provincial capital, this village lies at the foot of Khao Luang (Luang Mountain) which rises 1,835m above sea-level. The village is the first stop for a hike to the mountain summit. The village is set among lush forests and cool streams, belying the fact that the community was devastated during 1988 by floods and landslides.

Khao Luang National Park

The park covers an area of 670 sq. km comprising largely of mountainous terrain and lush fruit orchards. The area is noteworthy for several scenic waterfalls, which are ideal for hiking and swimming. Here lies the Krung Ching waterfalls, one of the cascades of this spectacular waterfall is aptly named Nan Fon Saen Ha, which translates as 'Hundred Thousand Drops of Rain'. Other scenic falls include the Karom Falls and Phrom Lok Falls.

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