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Trang's Beaches

Trang province borders Nakhon Si Thammarat to the north, Satun and the Indian Ocean to the south, Phatthalung to the east and Krabi to the west. It is divided into 9 districts and one sub-district.

Trang is the birth place of the rubber plantation industry in Thailand, and is characterized by lagoons, forest and marine parks, islands, hill locations, waterfalls and caves.

The town that bears the province's name offers attractions of its own, with good hotels, daily flights from Bangkok, well stocked shops and frequent night markets.

Trang town has a charming provincial air, and is built on small hills and valleys. Commerce may dominate, but the tourist industry is growing. Trang makes for an ideal base for exploring the province's coastal and inland attractions.

The coast with its many superb beaches, can be reached either via the province's busy port of Kantang or via a more northerly route through Palian. Many of the roads along the coast are laterite but these are gradually being paved.

Trang's Beaches

Beaches here include Hat Pak Meng, the most beautiful stretch of seaside in Trang; Had Chao Mai and Had Chang Lang, both situated within a national park which offers food and accommodation; Hat Chao Samran and Hat Ta Se which make up the Palian Seaside Resort; and Song Hong Seaside Resort, with its unique hill peninsula.

Tone Teh Waterfalls

Located in the Palian District, this is a big falls of 320m in height. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Trang. The source of the water is the Nakhon Si Thammarat Range.

Mook Island & Morakoht

Ko (meaning island) Mook is an interesting island for those who enjoy the sea. It is a big island consisting mostly of cliffs, especially on the west. There is a fishing village on the east facing the mainland. The high cliffs are a habitats for a large number of swallows. Underneath these cliffs is the beautiful Tham (cave) Morakoht.

This cave can be seen only when the tide is low. The entrance to the cave is rather small, just high enough for boats to pass through. This winding cave is approximately 80m long. At the other end of the cave is a beautiful beach with clean white sand, enclosed by high cliffs where the big blue sky is its roof and its walls are decorated with green trees.

Ko Kra Dan

This island is Trang's most beautiful island covering an area of 600 Rai. Fifth-sixth (5/6) of the island is under the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The rest of covered by private rubber plantations and coconut plantations. One of the highlights of the island is its beautiful beach of very fine white sand. The sand here is as fine as powder. Other highlights include its crystal clear blue waters through which you can see beautiful coral reefs on the north side of the island, together with colorful fish moving gracefully. For those who enjoy surfing, there is a small basin on the other side of the island where big rolling waves makes it ideal for surfing.

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