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Welcome to Tenggol Island Resort & Information

Tenggol Island Introduction

Tenggol Island is another beautiful diving getaway island just 45 minutes from the coastal jetty in Kuala Dungun. It size is approximately 3km in length and 2km in width. However, this has not prevented it from becoming a paradise for many people especially diving enthusiasts.

How To Get There

Ferry services have to be arranged from Kuala Dungun as Pulau Tenggol is not serviced by public or regular transport. Tenggol Aqua Resort provides ferry services between the island and Kuala Dungun.

The nearest airport are the Kerteh (30mins. From Kuala Dungun), Kuala Terengganu (1hr) and Kuantan (2hr 30mins). Visitors can fly in and hire a taxi to Kuala Dungun.
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