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Half Day Bidayuh Longhouse-Anah Rais Tour

Package Information

Excersion From Kuching
Pick Up Time 8.45 am / 1.15 pm
Departure 0900 hrs / 1330 hrs
Durations 4 Hrs
sarawak cultural village sarawak cultural village annah rais longhouse sarawak cultural village

  • The Bidayuh people, Sarawak's second most populous ethnic group, are widely known as the 'Land Dayak' and the 'Engineer of Bamboo'. Annah Rais, one of Sarawak's iconic Bidayuh longhouses, is located about 100 kilometres east of Kuching and features magnificent architecture made mostly of bamboo. The journey will take approximately one and a half hours, after which you’ll gain an exclusive glimpse into the villagers’ daily activities such as rice pounding, winnowing, intricate basket and mat weaving, and bamboo carving. The most notable and significant structure is the“Baruk”, or head house, which is located in front of the longhouse. The Baruk was once used as a defensive fort, guarding the entire village from attacks, with real human skulls and their sacred war drum hanging around its central fireplace within.
Tour Includes:
  • Transportation
  • Guided Tour
  • Entrance Fee
  • 1 Bottle drinking water
Please Take Note :
  • Min 2 Person
  • Morning session or Afternoon session
  • Payment by credit card add 2.5%

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