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Half Day Kuching Heritage Walkabout Tour

Package Information

Excersion From Kuching
Pick Up Time -
Departure 0900 a.m
Durations 2.0 Hrs

  • This tour commences with a drive to view the Cat Monument, with a visit to the “Tua Pek Kong” Chinese temple where the historical Fort Margherita can be views on the other bank of the Sarawak River. Drive to the Satok Suspension Bridge, Malay kampongs, stopping at the gold gilded State Mosque where you will be dropped off to commence your walking tour of the oldest section of Kuching City. From the Mosque you will walk across to the open-air market, consisting of a conglomeration of hawker stalls selling a wide variety of delightful ethnic food and beverages. Proceed to India Street, a pedestrians’ shopping mall specializing in local and imported textiles. From India Street you will proceed to Gambir Road via an antiquated covered passageway. Peek over the low wall on its left for a view of the Masjid India or the Indian Moslem Mosque built sometime in the mid 19th century. At the end of the passageway you will be greeted by a strong aroma of Indian spices marking your entry into Gambir Road. Proceed to the Central Market, selling fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, meat and sea-food. Mingle with the crowd thronging the market place. From the market place proceed to the waterfront where you will see some of the historical buildings and monuments built during the era of the Brooke Dynasty. Situated within this area are the Brooke Memorial Monument, the Round Tower, the Old Court House, the Square Tower, the Pavilion and the Post Office. You will find the contrast between the East (the market place) and the west (the colonial monument and buildings) quite enchanting. Walking pass these buildings you will also go pass Carpenter Street, a narrow street comprising of small Chinese shop lots, formerly an artisans’ street, now selling mainly watches, gold ornaments and furniture. Walk pass the Central Padang or the Town Square, St Thomas’s Cathedral, and the Merdeka Palace Hotel to arrive at the Sarawak Museum, where your coach will be waiting. Browse around the museum before returning to the hotel.
Please Take Note :
  • Min 2 Person

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