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Half Day Kuching City Tour

Package Information

Excersion From Kuching
Pick Up Time 8.45 a.m. or 1.15 pm
Departure 0900 hrs / 1330 hrs
Durations 3 Hours +

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  • Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is a city that beautifully showcases its cosmopolitan nature through its street heritage. The
    heart of the city is well preserved, with ornate houses of worship such as the Kuching State Mosque and Tua Pek Kong
    Temple. There are also many colonial-style architectural gems, including the Square Tower, which stands alongside the
    historical Astana and Fort Margherita, the futuristic State Legislative Assembly building (DUN), and the iconic Golden Bridge,
    which overlooks the Kuching Waterfront.

    The iconic cat statue strategically dotted along the city centre is a symbol and mascot of Kuching City. It will greet you along
    the way as your tour takes you to the Market, Main Bazaar, China Town, and other well-known city landmarks, including the
    Borneo Cultural Museum, among other places of interest.

    Kuching is a haven for those seeking unique souvenirs and local treasures. You can browse for handmade crafts, trinkets and
    indigenous products such as woodcarvings, the patterned, multi-coloured “pua kumbu” ceremonial cloth, and versatile
    Sarawak pottery adorned with ethnic motifs. Edible bird’s nest, known for its health benefits, and pepper spice in a
    beautifully crafted ceramic cat figurine, also make for exquisite and thoughtful gifts suitable for any occasion.
    A must-visit while in Sarawak is a “Kek Lapis” delicatessen bakery. The renowned Sarawak Kek Lapis is a traditional layered
    cake, available in an array of flavours with adorned with intricate designs, making an excellent gift for friends and family.
Tour Includes:
  • Transportation
  • Guided Tour
  • 1 Bottle drinking water
  • Min 2 Person
  • Morning session or Afternoon session
  • Payment by credit card add 2.5%

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